Reishi Cacao Tonic

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Lili Schnell

Reishi’s taste often needs some time to get used to. It is generally quite bitter and is therefore best to mix with a few sweet ingredients. The following recipe is great when you need something to calm you and regain your inner balance.


(adjust depending on your bitter-threshold)

1 glass plant milk (we used hazelnut milk)

1/2 teaspoon Reishi powder

1 teaspoon raw cacao powder

2 dates (add more if you still need to cover Reishi’s taste)

1-2 teaspoon Coconut sugar, raw honey or agave syrup.

Optional: sprinkle of cinnamon


Blend the milk and dates. Add Reishi and cacao powder.

Keep blending and add sweetener.

Pour liquid through a strainer if you don’t like small date pieces in your tonic. Add a dash of cinnamon on top.

Enjoy X


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