Heart Chakra Love Tonic

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Lili Schnell

We are happy to welcome our Heart Chakra Blend to the family, which contains herbs and adaptogens that are associated with love, opening the heart and Anahata (Sanskrit for Heart Chakra).

The heart chakra is associated with giving and receiving love, acceptance, joy but also with negative emotions such as suspiciousness, defensiveness and fear of letting go – which occurs when this energy field is out of balance.

As it sits in between the three lower, as well as the three upper chakras, the heart chakra works a a unifying bond between the physical and spiritual world.

Our Heart Chakra blend contains rose, which is considered a nervine, stimulating the nervous system and lifting the mood, Reishi Extract, our favourite “Shen” Tonic (TCM describes Shen as an energetic field located in the heart area) which strengthens the mind – heart connection, Lavender which is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that relieves (menstrual) pain and promotes sleep, Turmeric and Black Pepper Extract, a strong combo against inflammation with a warming effect, ginger also a stimulating root that fires up our bodies, and thyme, which has an anti-bacterial effect while symbolically conveying affection, supporting young love and deep friendship.

To create a Heart Chakra tonic, simply add one teaspoon to a glass of hot plant milk and blend, or stir in while heating the milk on the stove.

If you like it a littler sweeter, you can add a bit of natural sweetener like raw honey or agave syrup.

The blend also works as a tea by simply covering a teaspoon of it with hot or boiling water.

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