Adaptogenic Smoothie Bowl

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Lili Schnell

Smoothie Bowls are the best way to combine mineral-rich superfoods with nutrient dense raw fruits and vegetables and make them a proper delicious meal that is easily digested.

This smoothie bowl recipe is extremely simple (like all our recipes) and ready in a couple of minutes. You can substitute the veggies and fruits for anything you have available, just as the superfoods and toppings.


1 banana

2 handful of spinach

1 pear

1 glass of filtered water


Chaga Extract

For the toppings: Chia seeds, linseeds, frozen berries

Directions: Add the banana, spinach and pear and slowly start adding some water. Make sure not to add too much water, otherwise it resembles a soup rather than a smoothie 😉

Add the superfoods and pour the liquid into a bowl. Top with anything you have available, berries are a great way to add some additional Vitamin C and antioxidants without filling the body with too much fructose sugar.

Enjoy on an empty stomach.

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