Reishi – Mushroom of Immortality

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Reishi the Darling of Traditional Chinese Medicine is our go-to adaptogen and sleep ally. It is the perfect little fungus for someone who wants to start using adaptogens as its effects are very versatile and beneficial for anyone. 

About Reishi 

Fungi have been a vital part of Eastern medicine. Reishi in particular has gained popularity over time, which is due to multiple health benefits of this mushroom.

The benefits of Reishi range from boosting the immune system and fighting cancer effectively. There are many other benefits of Reishi mushroom that you’ll find out below.

Health benefits of Reishi Mushroom

Reishi is a fungus that grows in hot and humid locations in Asia. It has been used as a constituent for many years in Eastern medicine. It is used in many forms, i.e. eaten raw or used in powdered or extracted form. Scientists have been tested these forms in cells and animals and have confirmed the healing effects of this fungus. It is also found that the mushroom has cancer healing effects which are directly linked to boosting the immune system. This is one of the major health benefits it has. Depression and anxiety have also been treated by this fungi, producing positive results and a better quality of life in the user. 

Reishi has also been used to treat heart disease patients because of its effects that lower blood pressure. Heart patients, after using this, felt a lot better and recommended this to others as well. It also controls blood sugar levels and has been used quite a lot since this as found out by scientists. 

Spiritual effects of Reishi

Spirituality is one of the most ancient subjects in human history. It dates back to as long as the creation of humans. Higher consciousness is referred to as the state where a person has a better and deeper understanding of his surroundings, himself and the world. Certain plants have been used since long to get into this state of higher consciousness. These are not the cliché herbs that are being used all over the world to generate a temporary high or used for recreational purposes. There are a limited number of plants in the world being used for this purpose. Reishi is one of them. It is found to affect the limbic system of the body. Limbic system is said to be the seat of the soul. It is the place where our feelings and emotions are regulated. 

There are some glands in our brain that are associated to and studied in cases of higher states of consciousness. These glands release hormones that stimulate different senses of our body and affect them. The rejuvenating and healing effects of Reishi has brought it up to the category these plants used for going into the higher states of consciousness. It regulates the stress response and decompresses the nervous system. Monks have been using this mushroom for many years in their meditation. The mushroom enables the body to resist the stress response from the body which creates a perfect state of homeostasis. This enables a restorative and relaxing effect on the brain which is said to be the perfect state of brilliant discoveries. 


Our Reishi Extract 

The Red Reishi in our extract powder is traditionally grown on Duan wood logs. That ensures its richness in compounds and makes it extra bioavailable for our bodies. We only use the fruiting body and dual extract it which creates a fine, highly potent powder. 

The powder can be added to hot / cold drinks or any food recipes and it only requires 1/2 teaspoon to be effective. 


From all the medicinal mushrooms, Reishi is probably the most bitter, which is why we recommend to be mindful when adding it. The powder works really well in coffee, in mushroom risotto or other dishes with dominant taste profiles. 

Simple Reishi Latte Recipe

This recipe is as simple as it can get.


1/4 teaspoon Reishi extract

1 shot espresso

1 glass plant milk of your choice


Add 1/4 teaspoon of our Reishi Extract to a shot of Espresso. Stir well and top up with hot or cold plant milk.

That’s it.

Can also be added to lattes that were ordered on the go or served on ice.

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