4 Ways to Add Energetic Cleansing Into Your Self-Care Routine

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Giselle La Pompe-Moore

We all hear about keeping our vibrations high or feeling a certain kind of energy when we walk into a room, but what’s energy actually about? Well, energy is all around us, it’s everything from your coffee table to the chair you sit on. Energy is also us, as it’s our life source and it’s what connects us to everything that’s within and around us in the universe. It’s not a new age or trend-led concept either, as the idea that energy moves through every living thing has been a part of so many spiritual practices, traditions and religions for thousands of years.

Whether it’s called prana, qi or life force energy, the focus is on energy being able to move through our bodies in a free-flowing and clear way to give us optimal health and well-being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Starting from the outside in, our auras are the energetic body that surround our physical bodies. With seven layers that make up an oval shape; the size that our auras radiate out varies from person to person, as well as what’s currently present in our individual energy fields. Your aura produces different lights and colours that relate to the colours of the chakras (the inner energy system) depending on your personality and experiences. Some people are able to see auras but there are also aura photographers who can help you to see yours.

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If you’ve walked into a crowded place and felt a bit uneasy or overwhelmed, you’re probably coming into contact with a lot of people’s auras. It explains why we often get a sense from someone that we can’t really explain, before we meet them. Our energetic bodies are affected by our lifestyles, stress, the people we meet and our own individual life experiences and when we’re feeling the call, we can cleanse our energetic bodies to create more balance and grounding in our lives. 

Here’s a few ways that you can add energetic cleansing into your personal practice:

1. Dancing

Our energetic body isn’t separate to our physical selves, and moving the physical is a powerful way to cleanse and shift energy. If you’re feeling quite heavy or stagnant or you’re working through something quite emotional—dancing acts as a beautiful release. Put on your favourite playlist, close your eyes and dance it out. While you’re dancing, feel into all parts of yourself, the emotional, the physical sensations in your body and move in a way that feels good to you. It helps to move energy through, up and out of your body. Bonus points if you hold a selenite crystal wand while you do it.

2. Smoke Cleansing 

You can purchase sustainably-sourced and not appropriated smoke cleansing bundles or better yet make your own using herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, thyme, lavender or basil. Harnessing the element of air, smoke cleansing is a powerful and sacred way to cleanse and clear energy that resides within you as well as the spaces you inhabit. As always, your intention is important. As you move the smoke around your body or your space, set the intention for any energy that’s not in your highest and greatest good, to leave with love.

3. Sound

Both a healing tool and a way to raise your vibration, sound can break and clear energy as well as bring you back into the present moment. Again set an intention and then you can use drums, gongs, crystal bowls, bells or even clapping for this practice. You can use these instruments in your personal space and around your body, or go to a sound healing practitioner who can help you to take this work deeper and hold space for you. 

4. Visualisation

Connecting to spirit, the universe or your higher self should be incorporated in all energy cleansing work, as this is your intention and you’re just asking for a little help from whatever you believe in to guide you. Close your eyes and take a moment to tune in to yourself and spirit, ask for any energy that’s not in your highest and best to be released and spend some time visualising this. You can visualise this energy leaving your body or you can visualise a white, healing embracing light surrounding your aura and moving throughout your body, moving into every part of you and filling you up with harmony and balance.


Words by Giselle La Pompe-Moore

Giselle La Pompe-Moore is a modern mystic, spiritual guide, reiki master, meditation teacher and the founder of Project Ajna.
www.projectajna.com |  @projectajna 

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