Herbs for the female cycle

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As we are getting closer to re-launching our Yoni blend (Yay!), we thought it would be a great time to  dive into the topic of the female cycle and de-code some of it’s mysteries, so that we can live in flow, without pain and understand our own emotions (a little more). This post is going to highlight and recommend herbs that can be used to complement each phase of our 28-day cycle. 


In general, there are four factors that you can consider:

  1. The change of hormones, e.g. taking the right herbs for each hormonal phase
  2. Herbs to balance hormones, so that we have a healthy cycle in the first place
  3. The change of your immune system, e.g taking the right herbs to support a low immune system
  4. Reducing painful periods (however the aim is to eliminate painful periods by balancing the hormones in the first place) 


Okay, let’s dive into it. We will cover each of the above bullet points and explain a little bit more below. 

1. Herbs that work with each hormonal phase

Follicular Phase:

You just finished menstruation, estrogen is on the rise. We want to support vitality at this time.

Nettle is a great way to replenish the body with iron, after blood loss. 

Shisandra is a great adaptogen to help with energy support and to nourish the kidneys.

Ovulatory Phase:

Estrogen is at its peak

Holy Basil for estrogen metabolism

Shatavari, boosts LH production. If you are trying to conceive, take it from menstruation all the way up to ovulation and resume next cycle

Maca balances estrogen levels, increases energy and libido

Red Clover, increases cervical mucus and lubricates the vagina

Luteal Phase:

Estrogen is decreasing, our immune system is getting weaker and our metabolism is increasing.

Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea to address elevated cortisol during this phase

Ginger supports digestion and reduces bloating

Chaste Berry, boosts progesteron levels, lengthens the luteal phase, which helps when trying to conceive in future

Chaga to boost the immune system

Menstrual Phase:

Our immune system is the lowest, all hormones are at their lowest constitution, our right and left brain is at it’s peak when it comes to communication (good for analytical thinking)

Chaga to support the body with minerals and iron but also boost the immune system

Red Raspberry Leaf, to replenish minerals,

Nettle to nourish with iron and minerals

Yarrow reliefs gas, and normalises blood flow

If you are in menopause, the following herbs are recommended: 

Maca (perimenopause and postmenopause symptoms) 

Chasteberry (Vitax) 


Red Clover

2. Balancing Hormones

In order to have a healthy cycle our hormones need to be in balance. If this is not the case and we suffer from estrogen or progesteron dominance, our cyle will be irregular, menstruation painful and strong. There are certain herbs that support hormones to be balanced and thus normalise our natural cycle. In addition to a suitable diet, these herbs are great allies when it comes to balancing our hormones.

Hormone balancing herbs include:

Shatavari: boosts LH production

Chasteberry (Vitex): rebalances both estrogen and progesteron,

Maca: balances estrogen

White Peony: contains phytoestrogen which acts like estrogen in the body


3. Herbs that support our Immune system


Studies have shown that our immune system is stronger in the first half of our cycle and weaker in the second half. That means that we are more inclined of getting sick when we get closer to our menstruation. In the first half of the cycle, our immune system is ready to attack and fight off anything that could harm us.

Therefore it makes sense to include herbs and adaptogens that have immune boosting properties when we are in our second half and especially close and during our menstruation.

Especially fungi work wonders when it comes to boosting and regulating the immune system. Chaga and Reishi are particularly great and can be integrated during the luteal phase to prepare before menstruating. 


4. Herbs to reduce cramping


If you suffer from painful periods, there are a variety of herbs that can help.


Cramp Bark is good for cramps, this needs to be boiled and then consumed as a tea / infusion.


Ginger helps against cramps and bloating.


CBD Oil, not a herb perse, but CBD oil can be very beneficial to release pain


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