N.A: You recently completed a yoga teacher training. Did that experience change anything about how you connect to your body, mind and soul? 

Karla: Yes completely – I really learned how amazing meditation is for the connection of body, mind and soul. For more than five years I’ve been  practicing Yoga regularly, but my meditation routine only started while I did my YTT. Each morning before our 90 minutes yoga practice we meditated for 30 minutes from 6:30 am till 7 am – having this routine for 30 days really changed the connection to my body on a holistic level. Especially in the morning as the first thing after waking up – when the mind is still pure after dreaming and before tuning into the daily life checking the phone, news or radio. 


N.A.: What does living a conscious life mean to you?

Karla: To me, living a conscious life means to be present and to be mindful – mindful about my consumptions, my actions, reactions, my communication, my thoughts and my acting. I always try to follow a non-violent communication towards myself and others – I believe this has a huge impact on living consciously.


N.A.: What would you recommend to someone who wants to start their spiritual path and might be overwhelmed? 

Karla: To start small – don’t push yourself too hard or be too strict. Maybe start listening to some podcasts about topics that are interesting to you, maybe start with a small meditation routine of 5-10 minutes a day and slowly go for longer sessions. Don’t force it too hard and find your own spiritual way. I love to be intuitive and react to the feelings and intuitions I have


N.A. Can you talk about your self care routine? 

Karla: My self care routine is super super important to me. For me, this means nourishing myself! My body, my mind and my soul. My self care routine is mainly my morning routine but also to invest in myself – in facials, yoga and massages, good oils for my skin, healthy foods, etc.


N.A.: What does your morning routine look like? 

Karla: In the morning I do oil pulling, dry brushing, drinking warm water, apple cider vinegar, meditation and then having my supplements – including Nature’s Antidote Chaga and Reishi since a couple of years now! – followed by cooking my porridge.

I am trying to do all this without distraction from outside. So I am trying not to turn on my phone until I am done eating my porridge – being present and being with myself!


N.A.: You travel a lot , how do you stay aligned and balanced? 

Karla: It’s hard, but I always try to keep my routine. Most of the time I shorten it a little. But keeping my meditation routine – sometimes only for 5 minutes in the morning – but hey, its better than no meditation –  and I am always impressed how big the impact is; even if I only meditate for 30 seconds!

In the evenings I stick to my yoga practice and general stretching. And again, even if it’s just 10 minutes, just keeping it alive is already a good step to keep balanced.


N.A.: What are your favourite herbs and why? 

Karla: Chaga and Reishi – For stress relieve, for my Immune system and for my sleep.


N.A.: What inspires you? 

Karla: I get inspiration all the time – I am super curious and love to look at people, read blogs and listen to podcast. Also on Instagram and YouTube I find so much inspiration.


N.A.: Do you have a spirit animal that you feel connected to? 

Karla: Yeees – before my YTT my two spiritual animals always had been a butterfly and a cheetah. But since Guatemala where I did my YTT its definitely also a hummingbird – They keep appearing to me EVERYWHERE. Its a little spooky but I love it. I feel very connected to the spirit of these little birds.


N.A.: What are you currently reading or listening to? Do you have any book or podcast recommendations? 

Karla: Currently I am reading “The Neverending Story“ and I love reading books with a fantasy story! I think it’s beautiful to not always read books and listen to podcast where you learn things and you are reflecting and trying to improve your life/routines and trying to understand or solve pattern and problems.

But I love the podcast “The Goop“, “Under the Skin“, “Prana Up Your Life“ and “Happy, Holy, Confident“ 

December 17, 2021 — Lilian Buechner

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