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About Nature’s Antidote 

We at Nature’s Antidote are committed to making a change in the world and believe that changes start within ourselves. Nature’s Antidote encourages you to tune in and reconnect with your body. Our products make it possible to naturally adapt to busy lifestyles that we are exposed to nowadays – Their healing powers have been used for thousands of years in ancient medicine practices.  

Mother Nature has multiple remedies against outside influences like stress, diseases and other health problems which is why it has become our mission to find the most valuable ones and make them accessible for as many people as possible. 

For us it is about listening to your body and trying to prevent physical and mental issues by integrating a few special products into your diet, instead of suppressing pain and symptoms with drugs.

At Nature’s Antidote we are committed to sourcing the highest quality products from Organic Certified suppliers.

If you have questions, enquiries or just like to say hi please email us at: info@naturesantidote.co.uk




Meet the Founder 

Nature’s Antidote was founded in 2018 by Lili Schnell in order to fill a gap of healing remedies that can easily be integrated in daily routines and enhance everyone’s life through the power of plants. 

In 2014, Lili had the chance to spend one month in the Brazilian Amazon forest with the indigenous tribe of the Kayapo. Their way of living in harmony with nature while relying on century old traditions in working, eating and healing amazed and inspired her to translate it into her Western urban life. 

Since then, she studied the healing effects of plants and their impact on the human body. While not every symptoms that she saw being treated in the Amazon are relevant to our urban life’s, researching about specific plants that can help fight fatigue, low immune system, stress and overly exposure to pollution made her come across adaptogens. 

She realised that it was difficult to get access to high quality, potent but still affordable products, and decided to start sourcing and selling her own. Nature’s Antidote was founded in 2018, while Lili was still enrolled in University and about to finish her Master Degree in International Production Management. 

Nature’s Antidote is inspired by traditional medicine practices such as TCM, Ayurveda and the balanced lifestyle of the indigenous communities. 




Supporting the Kayapo

A percentage of Nature’s Antidote’s profits goes to the Kayapo Organisation that support the Kayapo Indians on their quest to protect the rainforest of deforestation due to cattle ranching, illegal mining and logging. 

Deforestation threatens not only the traditional life of the Kayapo’s but also approximately half of the world’s species of animals and plants. Only 2% of Amazonian plants have been studied yet, while around 7000 Western medicines are derived from them. This is particular important when realising that every day, our planet looses around 140 species of both animals and plants due to deforestation! Just imagine how many incredible plants we are loosing that we don’t know of but have the potential to heal and save lives. 

Visit Kayapo.org for more information about the Kayapo, their supporting organisation and their mission to defend the disappearance of one of the most important ecosystem of this planet.  



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