Super Brain Bundle

50g Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract Powder + 40g Ashwagandha Root Extract Powder

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Certified Organic         Non GMO         Gluten free         Vegan

Super Brain bundles the power of Ashwagandha and Lion's Mane to help you relax deeply and completely. Both adaptogens help to build resistance against physical and mental stress and enhance brain functioning.

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- Relieves stress and reduces cravings
- Strengthens the immune system by enhancing cellular immunity
- Anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants
- Increases energy, endurance, strength and physical performance, fights fatigue
- Enhances brain function, focus, and mental clarity
- Rich in iron and can treat iron-deficient anemia
- May inhibit the growth of cancers of the breast, lungs and colon
- Effective against arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune disease)

Lion's Mane

- Supports immune system
- Enhance cardiovascular health
Improve digestion
- Nootropic effect (memory and focus)
- Can help to relieve mild symptoms of depression and anxiety
- Can protect against ulcers in the digestive tract

How to use

Add 1/4 tsp. Ashwagandha and 1/4 tsp. Lion's Mane to your tea, smoothie, coffee, tonic, milk, or baked dishes. Consume mindfully and with intention.



100% Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder

Lion's Mane

100% Organic Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) fruiting body dual extract 10:1. 

Standardised to contain over 30% mushroom polysaccharides, 5% polyphenols and 2% triterpenoids. 

All of our ingredients are organically-certified by the Soil Association

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