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What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms strengthen the body's natural ability to heal and cope with stress.



Chaga, the beauty coffee

Wake up with Chaga to start your day right. Our Chaga mushroom powder tastes bitter, just like coffee, but doesn't make you feel nervous, unlike coffee. Packed with antioxidants and melanin promoting clear skin, strong nails, shiny hair and a strong immune system.

Yoni, the moontime healer

No more painful periods thanks to Yoni. Start taking this herbal blend one week before menstruating to reduces painful cramps and cravings. Yoni helps you to reconnect with your cycle and nourishes the body through medicinal herbs.

Reishi, the stress reliever

Wind down with Reishi and say goodbye to stress and sleepless nights. Add this natural anti-depressant to your afternoon coffee or tea to relieve stress, improve your mood and sleep better.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Nature’s antidote products are carefully sourced and extracted for potent benefits. I have loved inviting them into my day. I add Chaga to my morning coffee to give my immune system a boost and Reishi to my afternoon cacao and find that it leaves me feeling inspired and supported.
— Atlanta Nadine
Customer reviews
I have been using Mush' Love each morning in my cacao and love it! It really sets me up for the day with feelings of both motivation and calm. I have been using Ashwagandha in the evenings, either as a tea or with milk and cinnamon, and I find it helps me wind down for sleep. Very happy with my purchases and I will be continuing to use them daily.

Thank you!
— Anne Bonsall

Herbal Blends

Sun and moon activated holy smokes, flavourful and relaxing.

Combine adaptogens for extra potency.

Find the perfect adaptogenic bundle to support your magic.

Be wise, stay curious.

How do you add adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to your diet? And why should you do it in the first place? Have a look below for adaptogenic wisdom and recipes.

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