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Luminous Starseed

High Vibrational Daily Face Oil 

We trust that Mother Nature can provide us with powerful tools to heal ourselves, improve our wellbeing and cherish our bodies.

That’s why all our products are 100% natural – curated and put together to form simple,  but not so simple, botanical creations to respect, nourish and love our vessels.


A herbal blend to cherish your ‘Moon Time’

Heart Chakra

A herbal blend with heart opening properties that promotes longevity and calms the body and mind

Our Promise


To find out more about ‘Adaptogens’ and why they are so good for us, click here.


1 Pound of each sale go to the Kayapo Organisation that supports the indigenous tribe to protect the Amazon. Find out why their work is extremely relevant for our planet and future.


Find out more about why medicinal mushrooms are so good for us.


Click here for our selection of delicious recipes that make integrating our Extracts a pleasure.

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