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What is an Adaptogen?

Adaptogens come in a range of forms, such as herbs, mushrooms and minerals that boost our bodies ability to protect ourselves from stress induced factors. They contain bio-active compounds that assist our bodies to adapt and compensate better, against physical and emotional stresses. Adaptogens regulate the organs and the systemic function of humans, thus the reasons for these effects.

Adaptogens have a positive impact on our overall well being, they tend to work best against fatigue, anxiety, depression, cortisol imbalance and physical strength. They are safe to be taken regularly over long periods of time. Unlike other medicinal herbs, they impact the body in a non-specific way, which means they don't force a certain outcome but adapt to what the body requires. 

Are your products organic?

All our products and suppliers are organically certified. We chose to work  with the Soil Association as they ensure that all steps along the supply chain adhere to organic and ethical standards. From the farmers to warehousing, all processes are fully traceable and optimized to cater to the sustainability of the planet. The small amounts of negative externalities that exist due to transportation of supplies is outweighed with our CSR initiative of giving back to the Kayapo.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are, and will always be, vegan.

Do the mushrooms expire?

Our mushroom extracts have a shelf life of about 3- 4 years if stored in the right conditions. Store them as cool and dry as possible and check the Best Before Date on your jar

Can I sell your products on my own website or shop?

We are always looking for new retailers/ wholesale partners that want to stock our products in their shop. Get in touch via to receive our wholesale catalogue and more infos.

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